More of Grandmaster Larry Ritchie was induction into The Texas Martial Arts Hall of Fame

May 15th, 2004 Waco Convention Center, Waco TX



Hall of fame members, Grandmasters Larry Ritchie, James Toney and Richard Jenkins in front of the TMAHOF display case

Mr. Ritchie with his girls -  Wanda Reeves, Rosanne & Elizabeth Udeh, Megan Whaley, Allison Sigler, Jeannette Holmes         

Hall of Fame member Tim Kirby and Mr. Ritchie reflect on some good times.

Mr. Ritchie with one of his best fighter in the 80's, Ricky Williams


Congratulations to the 2004 Texas Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductees

Grandmaster Wonik Yi

John Nash

Fred Simon

Grandmaster Richard Jenkins

Larry Ritchie

Master Kim Geary

Professor Gary Lee

Al Francis

Master Wes Olney

Harry W. Leggett III

Victor Cheng

Joy Turberville

Sifu David Lesser









Mr Ritchie with former instructors Ricky Williams, Drew Scoggin and Julie Stauffer

Mr. Ritchie out that night celebrating



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