American Black Belt Academy has developed a program to provide your child with the following benefits:

The emphasis of our program is to establish DISCIPLINE and COURTESY in children. This structure of respect and self-control is built into our classes.

Our program builds CONFIDENCE and CHARACTER. We provide your child control over his or her body and SELF-DEFENSE skills to stand up to peer pressure and other intimidating situations. The movements that are taught develop CONCENTRATION and COORDINATION, while increasing STRENGTH and FLEXIBILITY, which are very important during the growing years. Our program teaches children that what they learning is not to be used outside the classroom in any manner other than in true self-defense. The result is a SELF-CONFIDENT CHILD, who does not need to bully or show off.

The unique curriculum we teach our children will develop excellent martial arts skills in your child. We’re proud of the national reputation we have established in the martial arts community for the outstanding skills and accomplishment of our students. Our program is good, clean FUN for kids - a great way to burn off extra energy.

Child Development Program

School aged children benefit from participation in martial arts

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