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Allen Steen's Event 2000

Black Belt Reunion, Jim Harrison Seminar and Allen Steen's Birthday Party

March 31 & April 1, 2000

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Allen Steen introduces the masters:  L to R  Pat Burleson, Roy Kurban, Fred Wren, Howard Jackson, George Minshew, Jim Harrison, Mike Anderson, Skipper Mullins, Allen Steen, Jhone Rhee, Ed Daniels, David Moon, Mickey Fisher, James Toney, Glenn Keeney

American Black Belt Academy was honored to attend Grand Master Allen Steen's birthday party, black belt reunion and Jim Harrison Seminar.

This was truly karate heaven as many of the greatest martial artists in US history attended this event.  Some of those who attended included:

Great Grand Master Jhoon Rhee, Allen Steen, Pat Burleson, Chuck Norris, Skipper Mullins, Joe Lewis, Bill Wallace, Jim Harrison, Fred Wren, Steve Stavroff,  David Moon, Jack Hwang, Mike Anderson, Glenn Keeney, Algene Caraulia, Ed Daniels, Bill Watson,  Mike Steen, Larry Caster, Parker Shelton, Roy Kurban, Howard Jackson, Larry Carnnahan, Mickey Fisher, Pat Worley, John Worley, George Minshew, Chris Minshew, Jim Butin, Gordon Franks, Gary Alexander, Troy Dorsey, James Toney, Keith Yates, Royce Young, Larry Wheeler, Dennis Cox, Glenn McMorris, Ishmal Robles, Tim Kirby, Billye Jackson, Steve Doss, Linda Denley, D.P. Hill, John Maynard, Gary Lee, Richard Jenkins, our own sensei  Larry Ritchie and many more.

The camaraderie, love and respect that these warriors showed for each other was compelling. 

Thank you Grand Master Steen for putting this event together and for allowing ABBA to attend. 

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L to R   Bill Wallace, Jhoon Rhee, Larry Ritchie, David Moon, Chuck Norris, Parker Shelton, Howard Jackson

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Breck Mills, Allen Steen, Larry Ritchie and Skipper Mullins


Seminar Pictures                     


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Bill Wallace & Joe Lewis having fun

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Jim Harrison teaching knife defense

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Skipper Mullin works on kicks with Glenn Keeney

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ABBA staff and students who attended Mr. Harrison's seminar.

L to R front row  Lisa Worley, Cassie Herrin, Wanda Reeves 

back row Scott Holman III, Nathan Burcham, Breck Mills, John Darner, Dan Smith, Todd Murphy

not pictured - Don Mullins

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Joe Lewis and Scott Holman

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John Darner with Allen Steen

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Bill "Super Foot" Wallace Seminar

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Larry Ritchie, John Darner, Jhoon Rhee, David Moon

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Wanda Reeves, Todd Murphy, Cassie Herrin, Breck Mills

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Cassie Herrin, Skipper Mullins, Bill Wallace, Nathan Burchan

(sorry, we can't tell what Skipper had just done to Cassie

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Dan Smith and Jhoon Rhee

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