Friday Night Social at Steen 2000

ABBA_group.JPG (54806 bytes)

ABBA group L to R Todd Murphy, Breck Mills, Nathan Burcham, Daniel Smith Cassie Herrin, Wanda Reves, Larry Ritchie 

Ritchie_Wren_Jenkins.JPG (52715 bytes)

Larry Ritchie, Fred Wren, Richard Jenkins

Wallace_Cassie.JPG (59916 bytes)

Bill Wallace and Cassie Herrin

Mini Power Group.jpg (135125 bytes)

Ishmal Robles, Gordon Franks, John Worley, Phil Wilemon, Pat Worley, Steve Stavroff

Darner_Daniels_Smith.JPG (52923 bytes)

John Darner, Ed Daniels, Dan Smith

Cassie_Harrison_Wanda.JPG (51072 bytes)

Cassie Herrin, Jim Harrison, Wanda Reves

Skipper_Mills_Wallace.JPG (58814 bytes)

Skipper Mullins, Sherri Mills, Bill Wallace

Wallace_Ritchie_Harrision_laugh.JPG (53119 bytes)

Bill Wallace, Larry Ritchie and Jim Harrison enjoying themselves

Moon_Ritchie.jpg (164628 bytes)

David Moon and Mr. Ritchie laugh as they remember the last time they saw each other.

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