2000 ABBA Karate Championships

End of the year tournament pictures

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Competitor of the Year  2000

Stevie Caruana

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2000 Top 10 Tournament Competitors ( left-to-right)  1st row -Amanda Tuscan, Rosie Udah, Bryan Atwood     2nd row- Todd Murphy, Aldo Rodriguez, Russell Caruana, Elizabeth Udah, Mr. Ritchie   3rd row- Travas Morgan, Stevie Caruana, John Darner

These students complied the highest point totals for the year 2000 in ABBA  tournaments.

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Left   to Right- Travis Morgan, Stevie Caruana and John Darner ended in a three way tie for 1st place for Competitor of the Year after totaling the points from 11 ABBA tournament in the year 2000.  The tie braker used was the amont of points scored off of kicks during year.  Stevie Caruana had the most points on kicks, thus winning 1st Place and the Competitor of The Year just ahead of  Travis Morgan who came in second place.

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