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Larry Ritchie
8th Degree Black Belt

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American Black Belt Academy
4978 Hwy 6 N., #A
Houston,TX 77084
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Larry Ritchie

  Larry Ritchie is one of Texas' truly dedicated Karate Pioneers, beginning his martial arts training in 1965 under J. Pat Burleson at his Korean Ways school in Ft. Worth, Texas. He trained with Mr. Burleson until 1972…when he moved to Houston, Texas to assist Mr. George Minshew in running and developing his well-known and respected string of schools, the Black Belt Academy. In 1985 - he opened his own school, the American Black Belt Academy, which has steadily grown and prospered; developing many fine students and champions under Master Ritchie's dedicated and experienced guidance.

Along with classmates Pat and John Worley, Gary Hestilow, Larry Carnahan, Jim Butin and many other top-ranked black belts of the era, Ritchie competed extensively in karate tournaments from 1965 until 1982. Although, he successfully competed throughout the Southwest for 18-years, Master Ritchie is still best known for his outstanding teaching skills, for his outspoken and direct honesty, and for his loyalty to the Texas Rough and Tough brand of martial arts.

In addition to teaching his strong brand of martial arts professionally, Larry's unique talents made him highly sought after as a bodyguard for rock and roll stars from 1972 until 1980, as well as, a security consultant and specialist. He is very well-known and respected for his expert and highly effective self-defense abilities and street survival skills. His abilities have been utilized and proven many times while "on the job".

Over the years, Master Ritchie's American Black Belt Academy in Houston, Texas has earned a widely known reputation for developing many fine and very strong fighters. His students have won national and international championship titles, some as far away as Mexico, England, Austria, Germany, and Puerto Rico, and have won numerous top championship titles all across the United States, too many to list here. He is widely recognized as a highly proficient and expert instructor of self-defense, sport karate, and kickboxing. Now, in his mid sixties, he still actively teaches and runs his school, and continues to train and develop many fine students. Many martial artists seek him out for his experienced advice and guidance.

"Training & Promotion History"
1965-71 Promoted to 2nd Brown by J. Pat Burleson
1972 Promoted to 1st Brown by George Minshew
1978 Promoted to 1st Black by George Minshew
1985 Promoted to 4th Black by Joe. Lewis
1997 Promoted to 6th Black by J. Pat Burleson
2004 Promoted to 8th Black by J. Pat Burleson

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