ABBA Belt Rank Exam 

February 28th, 2018

Black Belt

  On February 28th American Black Belt Academy held belt rank testing.  


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Congratulations to all of the students who tested !!  



Name Age Rank
Alex Alani 9 Orange Belt, 9th kyu
Brandon Alani 9 Orange Belt, 9th kyu
Emiliano Padilla 10 Green Belt, 7th kyu
Kayden Jones 8 Green Belt, 7th kyu
Jessica Durkot 13 Green Belt, 7th kyu
Diana Hernandez 13 Brown Belt, 3rd kyu
Elizabeth Hernandez 16 Brown Belt, 2nd kyu

If your promotion changes your class time, please report to your new class to receive your new belt.

Belts will be awarded, with an opportunity to take photos, on Monday. After Monday, belts may be picked up in the office.

New belts are $7.50, please see Mr. Ritchie.