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American Black Belt Academy Black Belts

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  The list below contains the students from ABBA that successfully tested and passed probation to obtain the rank of black belt under Grand Master Larry Ritchie from 1972 to 2004

"My staff of instructors and I have continued our effort to turn out strong martial artists. We have kept our standards high, while watching others continually lowering theirs. The following is a list of martial artists earned their black belts the old fashion way; they worked for them:"  Grand Master Larry Ritchie









Wanda Reves, 4th Dan

Shelley Taylor-Walrath, 3rd Dan

Scott Holman III   3rd Dan

Elizabeth Udeh 3rd Dan

Rosie Udeh, 3rd Dan

Carol Long-Prenk, 3rd Dan

John Epling   2nd Dan

Henery Spafford   2nd Dan

Kevin Lavorgna   2nd Dan

Mike Gilbert   2nd Dan

Mathew Burcham   2nd Dan

Doug Walrath 2nd Dan

Nathan Burcham   2nd Dan

Stevie Caruana   2nd Dan

John  Darner 2nd Dan

Amanda Tuscan 2nd Dan

Julie Torres (Stauffer), 2nd Dan (2/12/00)

Jane E. Ritchie

Doug Wilson

Rick Williams

Jeff McRae

Kevin W. Scott

Tracy Spafford

Sally Morales

Miles McKeller

Drew Scoggins

Jeannie Parker

Daniel Smith

Lisa Worley

John Darner

Nathan Burcham, 2nd Dan (5/6/00)

Terry Davidson (12/3/05)

Travis Morgan (8/12/06)

James Davidson (8/12/06)

Todd Murphy (2/12/11)

Marina Manuel (12/3/11)

Megan Mantey (Whaley) (5/5/12)

Sarah Carter (5/11/13)

Jack Warring (5/11/13)

--- Junior Black Belts ---

Wesley McDaniel 2nd Dan

Blake Perry

Dustin Fargason

Justin Prenk

Nathan Prenk

Tony Torlucci

Stevie Caruana (5/6/00)

Corey Moore

Jonathan Thomas

Micky Smith

Ryan Snider

Isaac Warring

Student of Mr. Ritchie who transferred to different schools and obtained the rank of black belt:

Jeff DeNicola


* promoted to 4th Dan by Mr. Ritchie and Grand Master Burleson  obtained 1st-3rd Dan from Sam Chapman and Bobby Tucker