Skipper Mullins Seminar

During the time considered to be The Golden Age of American Karate there were 4 dominate fights.  They were Joe Lewis (heavy weight), Chuck Norris (middle weight), Mike Stone (middle weight) and Texas' own Skipper Mullins (light weight).  These four are considered the great karate champions of the 60's and early 70s.

A Champion Fighter:

Skipper Mullins was known as the fastest kicker in karate.  His lighting fast kicks delivered countless victories in an era where punchers dominated the tournament circuit.   Rated in the top 10 karate fighters by Black Belt Magazine for 6 of the 7 years he completed, Skipper won 7 World Titles.  His tournament wins include: 1969-71 World Professional Lightweight Champion, 1967, 71, and 72 All-American Champion, 1967 Top 10 Champion, 1968 International Champion.   He had approximately 1100 fights, losing only 15 of them

A Champion martial artist lineage:

Skipper began his training in 1963 under Allen Steen (Father of American Karate).  He is considered by many to be Grandmaster Steen's best fighter.  He also trained with Jhoon Rhee, Pat Burleson, Chuck Norris, Mike Stone, Bill Wallace, Joe Lewis, Bruce Lee, Bob Wall, Fred Wren and many other outstanding fighters and instructors  

A Champion Instructor:

As a member of the Marine Corps, he trained fellow Marines, Officer Candidates, and FBI Candidates at Marine Corps Schools, Quantico, Virginia. Some of his students included Demetrius Havanas, Roy Kurban, Jim and Jeanice Miller, Shanee, Ronny Cox, Tim and Tommy Conroy, and Raymond McCallum.   He has trained over 10,000 students and many thousand more in Seminars. 

After retiring from 36 years of service with the Dallas Fire Department, Skipper Mullins recently has been touring and giving seminars will follow martial artist great Bill Wallace.

   American Black Belt Academy would like to thank Grand Master Skipper Mullins for the outstanding seminar he presented at our school on April 11th, 2002


Don't blink or you'll miss Mr. Mullin's still lighting fast kicks! 

Here Skipper demonstrates his famous round kick

Mr. Mullins instructs the seminar


Mr. Mullins shows back fist technique

Mr. Ritchie & Mr. Holman thank Mr. Mullins for his seminar

Skipper and brother Don with Wanda Reves

Davidson family with Mr. Mullins

Matt and Travis Morgan

Skipper Mullins Seminar

I hope you don't miss this opportunity to meet and train with a American Karate Legend.  Mr. Mullins will be back in the fall.


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Allen Steen, Larry Ritchie, Skipper Mullins